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If you need transportation for your next family or business trip—or if you don’t own a car and just want to get out of town—we can help.

First Rate Car Rental Provider

Getting ready to travel through UAE? Looking for a reliable and affordable mode of transportation? Renting a vehicle is certainly one of the best ways to address your travel needs. We’re a renowned provider of bus rental and car rental in Dubai, in Abu Dhabi, and in Sharjah that has been on the market since 2007.

Owning a vehicle on a long term basis isn’t necessary and it can be very expensive in an urban area. The decision to rent a car in Abu Dhabi or a car in Sharjah is a sensible option, especially if you don’t need to commute every single day.

Car rentals in Dubai are the best option for a lengthy travel. You can pick a larger vehicle that will accommodate a bigger group of people, which will boost the cost-efficiency of the option even further. We have long term car rental services that will be ideal for your trip.

Rent a quality vehicle for a cheap fee

The best providers of car rentals in Dubai offer additional benefits. At DBA, we offer our customers 24/7 breakdown assistance and free replacement for their long term or monthly rental cars in case of an accident.

A monthly rental car can be used everywhere. If you don’t want to use your own car on roads that are in poor condition, renting a vehicle will be ideal for you.

You can rent a certain type of luxury vehicle for a special occasion. This type of rental service will enable you to make a memorable and impressive entrance.


Looking to rent a quality vehicle for a cheap fee? Give us a call today to find the most affordable and reliable vehicle. We offer the below rental car options:


As a well established and progressive travel management company operating in the UAE and KSA – with equal strengths in outbound and inbound travel.

We also believe that in this buoyant travel environment, the focus is on the customer.


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